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For this project, the client presented a logo featuring a curvaceous and refined 'G'. The objective was to create a business card and letterhead that reflect the business's values of professionalism, trustworthiness, and elegance. The one-sided business card design enables the logo and information to be viewed simultaneously. The addition of gold foil provides a sophisticated and elevated finish that conveys the brand's high-end aesthetic. The incorporation of black color adds a touch of luxury and formality to the brand identity.

Black Rose Cosmetics
Business Cards

Black Rose Cosmetics is a beauty

brand for women. Their colours are

black and pink, falling in line with their

brand name, ‘Black Rose’. The client

requested a clean and simple look free

of clutter. The black logo stands on its

own against the pink background for

the front of the business card and is

contrasted by the back of the business

card which is devoid of any colour.

*Logo provided by client.

Perspective Business Cards MockUp 2.png
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